Sussex Academy

Sussex Academy of Arts and Sciences,
Georgetown, Delaware

Sussex Academy of Arts & Sciences (SAAS) is a
Charter school located in Georgetown, Delaware.
Sussex Academy acquired their current building
through a purchase and land swap with another
school in 2013. Originally a school serving students
in grades six through eight, Sussex Academy
received a revision to its charter to add high school
to its program. As a result of the approval, SAAS
has been adding a grade each year to its school, and
was in need of building additional classroom space.
Through the work of the non-profit Sussex Academy
Foundation, funds were raised to complete a new
wing and aquatic center for use by the students of
the school.

How did we help SAAS?
DelmarvaVoIP, a division of Troy Ventures, was contracted to install converged communication cabling in the recently constructed wing of SAAS. This involved installing over 9,000 feet of Category-6 cabling in 44 locations throughout the school, as well as over 600 feet of optical fiber.

Furthermore, a new IDF was installed in the addition to provide connectivity to the MDF located in the original section of the school.

We used full-time, certified installers to install the cabling and perform the requested services to SAAS.

When DelmarvaVoIP was awarded the contract, our Registered Communications Distribution Designer (RCDD) immediately met with the project general contractor to review the plans, provide input, lay milestones and set expectations. Standard project planning occurred in order to merge SAAS timelines with our resources.
The work was performed in 120 man-hours, on-time and on-budget. All work was tested and certified to current standards using our array of specialized testing equipment, including SecureNetMD-owned Fluke Networks DTX5000 Cable Analyzers, Fluke Networks Link Runner LRAT-2000s and Corning Fiber Optic Test and Termination kits.

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